Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Lives and Times.

You told someone?
Well, I didn't outwardly say it. He kind of guessed.
You weren't serious then?
What does that mean? Are you saying I mentioned it on purpose?
It wasn't really that way at all. I mentioned how pointless school was.
And he figured out you were going to kill yourself from that?
Why do you sound so upset?
I'm not upset. Just confused.
You sound mad that I didn't go through with it.
You had a time?
At least you realized the problem.
No, at least someone made me feel like I mattered.
And your little lover boy didn't do that?
That's rude. You know that situation.
Well, yeah I do, but that doesn't make me not wonder.
You're being a real bitch today.
You're a real bitch all the time.