Monday, January 18, 2010

Explaining things was never a strong suit of mine.

Why are you frustrated?
Everything's too complicated.
Maybe everything's not complicated enough.
It's that kind of thinking that has me here in the first place.
Well, maybe you could explain some of the things that have you so frustrated.
I hate explaining things. I never explain them right.
You always tell me that.
My job is to help you with your problems.
I don't see why I have to try then.
I can't help you if you don't tell me anything.
Then I guess you're not very good at your job then.
(Silence) Why do you make things so difficult?
When frustrated, people tend to make things difficult for the people around them.
Really now?
At least that's my logic.
Maybe your logic is messed up.
Maybe your books are wrong.
I love that you always say that to me.
Well, you went to school for this job. School is nothing but books with information.
Maybe I'm good with people.
Then why are you no good with me?
I couldn't answer that, even if I wanted to.
What a typical come back.