Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back again? So soon?

I wasn't expecting that'd I'd ever be back here-
I assume you didn't expect the change of company, either.
 It seems to be that way. I'd have to say, I liked the other one better.
  That's really too bad dear...maybe you should consider someone else to talk to?
 There's the question.
And I presume you thought I'd be the one to give you the answer?
Not at all.
Oh, a twist. Why are you here then?
I assumed you'd know that already.
You know very well what assuming does. Now, you either have a reason to be here or you don't and that is all up to you to decide. I'm sure somewhere in that pretty little head of yours is a brain capable of coming to a logical conclusion based on circumstance.
No sir, if it was I probably wouldn't be back here. If I could think properly I wouldn't be stuck in this god awful hell.
You say that very calmly, for someone in such an unfortunate situation.
You say that too snidely to not be apart of what I mean.