Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh, you feel well. Oh, you do.

So how're you? I noticed a few changes in your appearence. You seem to be doing much better.
Yeah, I suppose you could say that. Better, that is. And yes, I've changed some. You still look exactly the same though. I was hoping for some new flavor, then maybe I'd actually listen to you.
That was harsh. You don't seem to be in a good mood any longer. What's the problem?
Problem? Oh, there aren't any problems. Truly, why in the world would there be problems?
Perhaps old lovers, friends that are fake, family problems? Or maybe once again, it has something to do inside that frantic thought process you posess.
You're right. It indeed could be all of those things, yet it's something I prefer to not share with you. It's something I've never preferred to share.
Why so?
Because no one is honestly all that trustworthy in this world. Not even someone fictional, like yourself.
Are you insane? Me? Fictional? You have completely lost your mind.
No, perhaps, as you would say, I've gained it back.
You stopped taking those pills they prescribed you, didn't you?
STOP, please, with all the perhaps. I believe this to be true, now answer me, were they helping you?
No, not in the least. Your temper has grown shorter since the last time I was here.
Well, you've lost all your sense since the last time you were here.
You truly are very bad at this whole therapy thing. Shouldn't I feel relaxed? Instead I feel rather tense. Boxed in.
This isn't supposed to work this way. You're right. I'll calm myself. Just a bit jumbled up about your disbelief in reality.
Now that made absolutely no sense, who said I had no grasp of reality.
That isn't what I said.
It basically means the same.
Well, not in dictionary terms.
Who really cares about dictionary terms?
Exactly. And you plan on attending college do you not?
You're starting to sound like only one other person in my life.
Someone important to you I hope.
Very much so, but he believes I'm insane. Probably at least. I've never been good at making assumptions though.
Well, assumptions to just make you look like a fool.
You are very correct. I've learned to have better judgement than that. So I suppose I don't assume anything. I just wish people would trust me. I'm tired of being told to do what I'm already in the process of doing. I'm a capable adult, not a small ignorant child.
You seem to be distressed about this.
Yes, because age is much too important and my intellegence is frequently doubted simply because of the number of years my body has aged.
It's a legitimate way to think though.
I thought you said assumptions make you look like a fool.
I thought you enjoyed the idea of fooling people.
Well, you would be very right about that. But not in the sense of trickery. I simply am amused when people assume I'm a certain way and I surprise them in being another.
That isn't always the best of realizations on their part, is it?
Well, I've had many cases of people not being able to handle me. But I've also become less censored in general, which leaves not much to be missed.
That's a very interesting way to live. So, you're saying you're completely open around people? Even strangers?
I'm still working on that bit.
So only with people you're comfortable with?
There are some strangers I feel comfortable around. If I can even consider them strangers.
What do you mean?
Just people. There's one person in particular though that I haven't been able to work my charm on.
A boy?
He's a man, technically. Don't belittle him.
Oh, I wouldn't dream of belittling him.
Very well.
I'm just wondering if he is something you're benefitting from, or is once again tearing you down.
I believe it's benefitting me.
Well, you're not very good at seeing things clearly.
I'm pretty clear headed since I stopped listening to your nonsense.
Then why did you come back?
To tell you, I simply do not need you.